Who are we?

We are a strong team of  estate agency sales progressors with a passion for helping customers and their clients.

We love problem solving and the satisfaction of making the phone calls to advise contracts have exchanged!

why outsource?

You may have seen similar businesses advertised before where you can outsource your sales progression so you don’t need to have this in house. So why does there need to be another one? We will explain this a little later…

Benefits of Outsourcing

There’s many benefits to outsourcing, some are listed below:

• Zero running staffing costs

• No holiday or sickness pay for employees

• A fixed fee is charged per case

Reduced training costs for staff

•Reduced recruitment costs

•No staff turnover

•No sale, no fee

Communication Is Key

For us, communication is the biggest part of a house sale process as it helps keeps things moving efficiently and reduces the stress of sellers and buyers. We are very big on making phone calls to everyone involved as feel that this is the best way to explain what is going on to clients, but also makes the process more personal.

We are available on several different platforms for clients including emails and Whatsapp as well as on the phone and will always speak to everyone AT LEAST once a week.